Friday, July 26, 2013

*grrr* Old stuff 4 (many images again)

Okay, seriously this is the last old-old art dump. I think I've cleaned out all my old drawing folders. 

Quick story-board attempt for a friend's short story.
(about 30 more images after break)

Sketches of character from above story. I think I meant to do a front & profile turn like in initial animation character drawings, but I ended up drawing each one different. That middle one is sooo.. too skinny.. and the arms.. ugh. 

I found this in my old drawings folder. The first sig I ever made. It's the character's name I truncated down to one of my current pseudonyms, Dysp. :D My guild was for the most part filled with great people. 

Also in the old drawings folder. (I didn't really draw the whole time I played WoW) This was my guild, Vile, on the Deathwing server. It was our first Black Wing Lair completion or the first time we got to the last boss. (I think that's the correct name, I've forgotten and confused many of the names since) My guild was cool with my druid running around in DPS cloth gear even though I was supposed to be a healer. 

Yeah, awesome graphic design! Use(Photoshop Cutout Effect);

I was addicted to Geometry Wars. I loved that game. The sequel was missing something, and wasn't nearly as enjoyable.

Hey look at that, another drawing overlayed with the Cutout tool again...

Protoss zealot drawing. 

My original DeviantArt user icon. It's my llama Archie. I don't remember what I did to the photo, but the quality is terrible.

 And here begins my old drawing scans from high school.

Mr. Grey. This was a character a friend had made up from the Fallout games. It was really one of the first individual characters I actually drew. He has a Barret Sniper rifle. Oh yeah, he's a ghoul.

Ah! This is where I did most of my doodling since I was a kid, on the back of my notebooks. I thought the ~sepia background looked cooler than white paper.

Skateboarding, large eyes, gas masks, weapons, and my signature, which I completely ripped off from Tolkien.. that's what usually occupied the back of my note books. 

A skate board deck design. I was really into actually skateboarding and playing the Tony Hawk series.

More deck designs.

Even more deck designs.. look at how nicely those lines helped me keep a relatively conformed deck size. :P

Hey look.. even even more!

More more more.. that board on the right would be so hard to flip and jump over while skating. 

 And here are my Kirby-clone characters. 

I called them Round Warriors.  

I was sick one school day and stayed at home. I sat on my heater vent and started drawing these little things all over my assignment papers. I spent all day thinking about and drawing these little guys. My idea was they'd be for a brawler-adventure-RPG like game, with all sorts of customizations and characters.
Character: Druid.

Characters: Elven Gadgeter & Catapult. 

Characters: Beserker & Paladin.

Characters: Gadgeter, Ninja, Sumo, Spearsman, Knight.

Characters: Spaniard Sniper, Samurai.

Character: Swordsman (*cough* Cloud rippoff).

Character: Amazon.

Character: Mage.

The List of characters' titles that were littered all over my science assignment.
Some weapon evolutions. Definitely LEGOs inspired some of these.

Not as old.. but more Sketchbooks

I used to work as a night calver. I watched over the pregnant cows and their calves from 2 am usually ending my shift at noon. I worked every day from March to the end of April. I'd usually draw, sitting next to the fire, while I waited for the next check time. 

*plbplbplbplb* WEEEE did it!!
(next to Troll Axe Throwers, my favorite class from WC2, the Ogre Magi.)

That's totally a female Protoss.
That's me! Look at the gorgeous smile.