Thursday, July 25, 2013

Da trump

..or.. art dump.. I keep trying to hold myself to some external posting system to keep working on new projects.. but so far I haven't kept up... so I guess I'll start again!

I've posted stuff elsewhere before, but I'll start with a backlog, or "blog". I'm utterly too clever! :D
Just a note, I've gone through a couple phases of signing my stuff with different things.. my name, Dysp, and JAR are the most recent.. just to let you know those are all me.

These are probably not in any particular order..


Hopped over a footstool and I tried to quickly capture my POV.

(more images after break)

It's a fairy sitting at a funny angle. The day before, I had sketched, I think, a wasp wings from a dead wasp I found on the ground. I wanted to draw them again from memory and added a lady figure. 

A kitten trying to squeeze through a wire fence. This was a Christmas present sort of thing. I did it from memory, but when I went back to where this took place, I noticed some huge errors. 

Female Samurai. This didn't get very far. I think I was playing Fall of the Samurai at the time. I thought those giant square-ish sode were cool. Sort of looked like they were wings.. which led to another drawing...

Scottish Simpons Pinup. On one of the Simpsons earlier Tree House of Horror, there's a pinup of a Scottish lady in Willie's cabin. I tried to draw my own version, but kept the yellowish skin. This was actually done in 2011 I believe, but then tweaked some in 2012. 

Diablo 3 Barbie. Ahh.. Diablo 3. The game had some good bits and polish, but it was not designed to last. The core design was more of a single play through type game, but the thing was, the Diablo series are meant to be replayed a half dozen times or more. ..and RMAH was a flop. 
As for the drawing, people called the Barbarian a Barbie, so easy enough... and well, the game is all about dressing up your character and waiting for new item to come to the market.  I never did finish this drawing, because I just lost interest in the whole idea. Although now, I want to pick this back up and finish it out. I don't like having folders full of unfinished drawings. 

A study of my dog on my futon. Drew this while watching a movie. I wasn't that focused with it. 

This was the first thing I think I signed with JAR. I just drew blobs until it became something. Also, I played a bit with different light sources and reflections. I remember I spent a long time detailing and fully drawing that seat, but then, as you can see, I ended up mostly covering it. 

I had no idea for this face, but I just started drawing one. When I draw like that, the colors come out very flat and close to grey, as I sometimes think there's much more contrast in there with no preconceived ideas.

Hulk brand pants. Green & purple.. just some silly fanart. I wanted to draw Hulk, She-Hulk and Donatello.  

She-Hulk by herself from the image above. Why even draw a background when you can duplicate a layer, desaturate, fade, and skew it for a simple shadow on white. That hand bothers me. 

I was in a slump, so I tried a 1 hour creative practice. I tried to work under the timer, which I hardly ever do. Being on a timer was hard, and as you can see, I didn't get that far. I was hating this drawing through that entire hour. I think the idea I was going for was: little cave women climbing a rotting or decaying stone goat-man statue. 

I was trying to draw a character with a different set of skin tones and overall color. Nothing in my 2012 & older folders have the greatest anatomy. I'm still working on it!

I just got lost on this. This was a depiction of my highest level character in Guild Wars 2, Symphony Prelude or Prelude Symphony.. I don't remember which. I had characters with both names. She has a smaller head because she's a Norn, a slightly giant ogre-like human. 

This is what my sketches look like. I think that may be a female Nightwing on the right. /shrug

This was a paint over of a really old drawing. It's wasn't the first time I completely redid this drawing too. I vaguely remember drawing it in a sketchbook. I think it turned into both a female Protoss and a lady with a giant sword behind her. The original was done with softer brushes, but this style is one I used to use frequently, early on. I like the hard brush look, sort of like what you get when you use the Cutout effect in Photoshop (my favorite effect when I was learning to draw on the computer :D).

She started off much much "bustier".  :P This was an older drawing I revisited. I was really hyped about GW2, so this was repurposed as a necromancer (my main class in GW1). 

And that's the 'lot of 'em.. for now! I think I'll upload some select 2011 & older drawings a bit later... then I'll start adding my new stuff.