Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shakedown '1998'. Cool kids never had the time.

So I found an even older sketchbook that was never scanned in. My sketchbook from gradeschool/junior-high, back when I was 13. Back before I was really interested in video games. I was soon to play the game that would change my entire view on video games. 
Legend of Zelda "Orcarina" of Time. 
(I didn't know how to spell 'ocarina' back then, oddly)

So here are some drawings back when I was around 13 in 1998. 

Link. Nothing wrong here!
(more below)

The 2013 drawings, so far.

I think I have a pretty good collection of what I've drawn over the past decade, and so it's time to move forward with new(er) stuff!


Punk-ish lady with a sword.
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