Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Stuff version 2 (50+ images)

Well, I found more old drawings, and so I'm uploading those too. When I drew these over the years, I was stuck in a fear of not being good enough (I could have studied more) but it's sort of a purge I suppose to post all the stuff I never had the nerve to post before, even if it is unfinished. 

So here they are...
I don't know what I was doing. When I started, the head looked like the right size.

(many more images after break)

Came back later trying to fix the above drawing. I somehow stumbled onto an interesting background color palette. 

I really like the colors, but I didn't like the character. This is one of those drawings that more-or-less haunts me until I actually finish it. 

I was reading, and in their weekly drawing section I found a character of the week challenge. That week's was draw a Demonic Pegasus. This was my first edition. I never submitted any of them. I never got my head around the whole idea.

Here's version 2 of Demonic Pegasus.

Trying to make a more dynamic pose for the Demonic Pegasus.

Native American hunter lady. Aww.. poor bird, I didn't remember drawing that part.

This is another drawing where I stumbled across and interesting design, but I didn't figure out how to finish it.

A hover bike. 

This was intended to be a birthday present for my dad. I was trying to draw a pinup fisher-lady. I flattened the image somewhere in drawing it, making it a pain to deal with. So I set it aside. 

Princess Peach, Goombas, and a Warp pipe. /shrug

A showdown and rough perspective.

Girl of Power? I had seen some other artist draw Power Girl and I really wanted to draw her too. Sorry, I cant remember who the artist was, but this drawing was very derivative.

Warhammer Online: Female Zealot.
A digitally covered sketchbook drawing. 

It's my Grandpa.

A drawing I thought that looked better with PS's Cutout effect. 

Unfinished Iron Man drawing. 

Zombie lady. I vaguely remember drawing this in college. I think she's a bit like a L4D smoker.

Fanart sort of for Blizzard's canceled StarCraft game featuring Nova the Terran Ghost.

Designed a new brush and drew a busty lady and a dude with a guitar. 

The start of a lady knight I never finished.

I don't usually mess with the "camera" angle of my drawings. This was fun to try something different and a little more dynamic.

A study of a guy from some reality show, I think, on Discovery.  

The start of my cover idea for a friend's story, tentatively titled Transhumance. 

Valkyrie/Angel lady. I was just trying to draw a female figure.

He's missing some ribs I guess. 

A robot lady in my early attempt at a forest.

Spider-man watching over a lady?

Iron-man started from the same drawing as above. I really like the contrast, but I never finished it out.

Pretty old. I had made a new brush and I tried to draw a new Protoss Dark Templar.

This was next to my oldest digital drawing. I can't remember if I was still using a mouse then or if I had just switched over to a tablet. 

Zealot jaw.

Zero-suit Samus.

Zilean's girl. After a random match in League of Legends, I started drawing a lady with crazy hair, and thought she could be a Zilean counter-part. 

Another Samus drawing idea.

What was the cartoony Battlefield game? Maybe it was Battlefield Heroes, or something like that. I liked their color palette in the game and I tried to do something similar with a female character. 

Random sketch.

Posted the earlier version up above a bit.. this one got a grey gradient... oooohh.

Warrior Priestess. Warhammer Online fanart.

This was a two part drawing I did a few years ago. I had a silly idea of a comic-crime fighting duo. The characters were both based on youtube personalities. The idea for the villain was also based on a youtuber, but she was known for dressing as a unicorn. Therefore, all of the henchmen were dressed in mismatched unicorn costumes. My idea pretty much paralleled Batman. Haha.

A scene I drew from my friend's comic story.

One of the many poor self portraits I've done.

My own design on the League of Legends character Katarina.

I drew a portrait of League of Legends Morgana back when I thought she had a terrible portrait picture in game. I thought the thing on her head was a crown with runes in it, but later after they released better splash images of her, I realized that was her bat ear. 
The start of my Morgana drawing.

A scene from a friend's comic idea. The characters meant to be nearly 20, but I didn't draw her too well. She's in a cave overlooking a destroyed/dead city. The theme was post-apocalyptic.

A quick shading of the above drawing.

I haven't had many art classes, but while at school studying Computer Science, I took a few. This was a project for class, design a CD cover. My art teacher immediately pointed out the issue with the wings. (Remembering back, drawing was such a challenge then, I knew some stuff, but it felt like I had to spend hours just to shift gears to be able to draw anything). 
Busty lady. Apart from the funky small arm, some women actually have a chest like that. 

Memories. This was the first thing I really ever submitted as fanart. Can you guess the game? The little emblem is a hint. I always had a hard time with contrast. I spent so long working on this. It also was the first and only thing I submitted on for help with. I didn't get any response. And Mythic never did post it in their fanart section after I formally submitted it. I felt really bad after that.  

Batman-girl. I had a fun time trying to design a batman "cosplaying" character. The gadgets where fun to think of, even if they're only silhouettes.

A Twinkie on a log?! ... Nope. It's a Reaver!

Protoss smith working on a probe. Someone has to make the probes before they do all the work.

A warrior lady. I remember I used a reference for the face. 

One of the covers. I made her way too mature looking in this one. The dog is based off of my dog, Paddy. I pretty heavily used a reference for lady.

Another cover style. It was way off on character.

A character drawing that went nowhere.