Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Stuff version 3 (another image filled post)

I keep finding stuff! ..eventually I might get back to the old high school drawings I did on my assignments. 

So, here's so more janky drawings!

More 2011 & Older...

(about 30+ images after break)

Unfinished Shredder & April O'Neil drawing.  Uh.. I quickly glanced over this. It's meant to be Shredder kidnapping April, like backing out a door, using her as cover. The sketched stance doesn't look right. It's not meant to look inappropriate..  : /

A free limbless Darth Vader sitting in an open box. Just a silly idea after talking with a friend about Elfen Lied and tying it to Star Wars.

Yet another design/pose attempt for a challege: Demonic Pegasus.

Loniss sketch, one of my characters in Star Wars the Old Republic.
Loniss line and different angle.

Loniss color with a bent light saber??? I don't know what I was thinking. That part was vectored.

Old Knight lady sketch.
Knight lady with a tad bit of color & she's flipped!

Light source turns into a volleyball.

A drawing from when I worked at night calving. Look how cleverly that cotton candy covers the face (ha!). And the Battle-toads wall leap blob for a hand. Brilliant!

Tried different colored overlays. Red hair and a peacock feather like dress.

I saw a lady with interestingly curly hair and wanted to sketch it. 

A rough of a silly comic idea I had for a crime fighting duo.

(I cant help but feel like a child whenever I try to draw the side profile of a car.)

That's what I sort of looked like. I wore a hat all the time. 

I had this cool silhouette for a character, but at the time, I never figured out how to actually draw her.

Playing with lighting in a sense. 

Warrior priestess.

I think I may have uploaded this twice.

Okay. I think I'm done uploading old-old stuff.
Next up, stuff from THIS year!