Friday, July 26, 2013

*grrr* Old stuff 4 (many images again)

Okay, seriously this is the last old-old art dump. I think I've cleaned out all my old drawing folders. 

Quick story-board attempt for a friend's short story.
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Old Stuff version 3 (another image filled post)

I keep finding stuff! ..eventually I might get back to the old high school drawings I did on my assignments. 

So, here's so more janky drawings!

More 2011 & Older...

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Old Stuff version 2 (50+ images)

Well, I found more old drawings, and so I'm uploading those too. When I drew these over the years, I was stuck in a fear of not being good enough (I could have studied more) but it's sort of a purge I suppose to post all the stuff I never had the nerve to post before, even if it is unfinished. 

So here they are...
I don't know what I was doing. When I started, the head looked like the right size.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My First Completed Digital Drawing

Here's my first completed digital painting. It started as a rough sketch and then was drawn and painted in PS Elements with a mouse. I had drawn stuff before digitally on a trial version of PS 7.0 earlier than that, but it was nothing but messing with the dodge and burn tools to make fire-y looking armor on some huge eyed anime thing. The next two were attempts are fixing the drawing when I later had a tablet. 

...anyways, this odd Samus piece was a turning point for me in drawing. I was sharing a dorm with my friend, who I had known since grade school. Shortly after I drew this and hung it up on our wall, I got my first tablet. My friend was the one who actually ended up buying it. He was nice enough to let my use it, and I ended up traded my 360 and games for the tablet. An awesome trade. 

All the old stuff in one post (about 50 images)

And here's my older drawing:
note: I'll add descriptions later, but contains some original art, some studies, and some fanart.

2011 & Older

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Da trump

..or.. art dump.. I keep trying to hold myself to some external posting system to keep working on new projects.. but so far I haven't kept up... so I guess I'll start again!

I've posted stuff elsewhere before, but I'll start with a backlog, or "blog". I'm utterly too clever! :D
Just a note, I've gone through a couple phases of signing my stuff with different things.. my name, Dysp, and JAR are the most recent.. just to let you know those are all me.

These are probably not in any particular order..


Hopped over a footstool and I tried to quickly capture my POV.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I had to move a hay stack by hand today and yesterday. I'm very allergic to hay. Now I'm groggily sifting through the day on Benadryl. Benadryl: the thirst maker. this a journal?