Thursday, July 25, 2013

My First Completed Digital Drawing

Here's my first completed digital painting. It started as a rough sketch and then was drawn and painted in PS Elements with a mouse. I had drawn stuff before digitally on a trial version of PS 7.0 earlier than that, but it was nothing but messing with the dodge and burn tools to make fire-y looking armor on some huge eyed anime thing. The next two were attempts are fixing the drawing when I later had a tablet. 

...anyways, this odd Samus piece was a turning point for me in drawing. I was sharing a dorm with my friend, who I had known since grade school. Shortly after I drew this and hung it up on our wall, I got my first tablet. My friend was the one who actually ended up buying it. He was nice enough to let my use it, and I ended up traded my 360 and games for the tablet. An awesome trade.