Sunday, August 4, 2013

The 2013 drawings, so far.

I think I have a pretty good collection of what I've drawn over the past decade, and so it's time to move forward with new(er) stuff!


Punk-ish lady with a sword.
(to limit load times, I added a break, ~20 more images after the break)

The skewed face before I covered it up with her bangs.

Everything looks better with a contour, right?

Trying to fix the pose.

Trying again...

WildStar Granok fanart. It's an upcoming MMO. I had fun drawing WS stuff for a bit.

WildStar female Granok fanart with two attempts to draw heavier versions. They're rock ladies after all.

I spent something like 24 hours trying to get Amelia in my second play-through in Fire Emblem for GBA this last winter. I had to try to do some fanart after spending that much time replaying single level. 

Added some "awesome" color.. :D
(the actual character is blonde, but green looks cooler)

I wonder if anyone would be able to guess what I was doing here without looking at the file name. 

Just the sketch from above.

More WildStar fanart stuff. It's another Granok Warrior!

WildStar Mechari Claws Up fanart with a bit of depth.

WildStar Mechari Claws Up fanart with flat detail.

WildStar Draken Spellslinger fanart.

WildStar Aurin colored fanart.

WildStar Aurin greyscale fanart.

If I can figure out the anatomy on this contortion, I'll finish it.  
An idea I had for a unit after Shogun 2 open a steamworks section on Steam.
My Japanese is terribly rusty, and that was about the only kanji I could remember offhand.
I wanted to have Japanese across the right side, this was just a layout WIP.

Some fanart for The Banner Saga: Factions. It's a turn-based strategy game on Steam. It's quite fun. This was a depiction of the lead programmer at Stoic defending the servers from Nidhogg. Kind of Thor-ish, with a tiny cape. :D
This was prompted after a comment made during their initial public launch on Steam. In beta the servers ran smoothly, but once it launched publicly on Steam, they were hit with a ton of concurrent users, causing stormy seas. 

I tried to draw a poster for TBS:F. It's came out a little silly (and unfinished). 

And that's it for now.. I'll try not to mass post images from now on. Onwards!!!