Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Haha! I haven't gone to sleep yet, but it's tomorrow so this still counts! ... I drank way too much coffee today. However, when my brain is sleepy-numb, I tend to be more willing to work longer on projects. This was a strange escher-girl drawing I just kept on adding to. Simple single tone shading on flat colors can be very handy and is a quick way to do lighting. The lighting in this isn't top-notch, but I feel, for now at least, it's passable. The extreme escher-girl shape is still in the drawing, just masked by the clothes. See it? Haha. Yeah.. After a few minutes, I just couldn't handle that distorted of a drawing.  Some days it's fun to draw with that extreme, but tonight I wasn't feeling it. I'll wake up tomorrow morning and see the other giant distortions I left in, but for now it's fine. I'll throw up the flats minus the sloppy shading. None of it is highly refined, but flat color and basic lines can look nice and clean. ...Okay. Off to bed I go!!