Thursday, December 5, 2013

Banner continued

To follow up last nights post, I'm more-or-less finishing the Banner Saga fan art piece I started in Feb. and restarted last night. I decided to keep it rather fast, loose, and smudgy. I don't really enjoy reworking old stuff, because they usually need to be completely reworked from scratch instead of patched. Reworking old projects also warps me back in time mentally, where I get stuck following old bad habits. Well here it is, patched. :D

When I started tonight, I had to do a quick sketch of how they were standing and sized. The original was more cramped. I'm still not entirely happy with the positioning and composition.

Since this is Banner Saga fan art related post, I'll also re-upload my other Banner Saga fan art piece. Stormy Seas. It's not entirely clear, but that little guy is protecting the "world" servers, which I now realize should be next to (the super tiny) Yggdrasill, world tree. It was a fun idea. 

Edit: Ha. I found the original-original. Here it is. (each character shared some feature of one of the main three Stoic Studio devs).