Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Since I'm holding myself to posting something each day here, today I sort of ran into a bit of mud. I was up all night last night, and so today I've really been out of it. I haven't gotten much down this evening. When I sat down at my computer it was already 10 pm, and I was mindlessly sleepy. So to reach my pseudo-quota I looked back for something I could/wanted-to rework. I chose this fanart I started back in February for the game the Banner Saga: Factions. The devs are really cool and nice people. I originally drew this with the plan to somehow incorporate some features of each of the three devs into the characters, be it giant side burns, goatee + glasses as armor, and a beard. It was silly, but the characters were very flat, boring, and incomplete. So I have the perfect reason to rework this. I haven't played and Factions in a very long time, so this project idea has probably been largely warped. This is still a WIP.