Friday, October 4, 2013

Cassian - Skeetching Banshee

This drawing had been on the back of mind for nearly half a year whenever I sat down to draw. I'm going to call this finished. It's not the idea I started with and definitely went through a stage of hodgepodginess. I think I could have made the textures of materials more distinguishable, but I've already spent too much time on this. Therefore I'm calling it good enough! 

The end idea I had for the character was a Skeetch Assassin with the silly title "Skeetching Banshee". That's a Skeetch oddly mounted on her pauldron from the yet-to-be-released mmo game, WildStar. She's an evil (or less nice) human, and so that makes her a Cassian. The giant orange blip is a sword, that roundish thing on her wrist is a ??? (but it's on the wrong arm I realized), and so she's a Warrior class. 

Over the times I have tried to work on this since May, I've saved WIP jpgs each, and I've ended with 146 WIP jpgs. : | It's a new record for me. Of course they're not all that different, just stages or different routes I could take. Being so indecisive on this piece was likely what was causing issues for me. I can finish a normal drawing in 1-3 hours when I have an idea or theme. ..I had an idea for this character, but I don't know why I flip-flopped through the process so much. Anyways, it's a victory for me for completing this! :D